Information for our Wish-A-Fish Families

The Wish-A-Fish Foundation organizes children’s fishing events throughout the year. Our goal is to give special needs children with a serious or life-threatining illness, a physical, or developmental disability, and their immediate family a chance to leave their troubles at the dock and enjoy a day on the water.

Why fishing, you may ask? Our volunteers all have a special passion for fishing, the water, and the outdoors. Everyone has a different motivation, but we all believe that fishing makes our lives better. We learn about nature, see some great scenery and realize how much we still can learn. It slows the pace and frees us from our everyday lives. It builds bonds with friends and creates some of our fondest memories. We may hook the fish – but in reality,  we think it's the fish that hook us.

Our Wish-A-Fish events aren’t just for the special needs child – they are focused on the entire family. We try to make sure that brothers and sisters and the parents all have a great day.

Everyone gets to go on the water and fish. Our volunteers love to share and will show everyone the proper fishing techniques and pass on some of their knowledge of our wonderful natural resources. We provide special event T-Shirts for everyone and the children get fishing gear to take home to hopefully use on their next fishing adventure.

Please see the EVENTS page for registration information for each event.

Each Wish-A-Fish location organizes their event to best serve the local community.
The events usually fall into two categories:

Private boat event:   We arrange for multiple private boat owners and Wish-A-Fish families (typically 25-30 families) to come together at a local state park or boat ramp. Each family is assigned to a boat and we cast off for a few hours of fun, fishing, and sighseeing on the local waters. After the fishing activities are complete we have a picnic lunch/dinner so everyone may share the day’s events with each other.


Charter boat event:   Similar to a private boat event, except that we use 1 or more large charter boats to go fishing. Several families go out together on each of the charter boats. Once back at the dock, we have a picnic lunch/dinner for everyone.


Pier Fishing event:   We meet a a local pier and the families fish from the pier. Volunteers are on hand to help everyone with baiting hooks and teaching fishing techniques. After fishing, we have a cookout on site.


Items Families should bring to Wish-A-Fish Events:
♦  Wear soft tennis shoes or deck shoes and weather appropriate clothing - (open toe sandals / flipflops are not recommended)
♦  Bring your Camera for lots of good pictures!
♦  Sunglasses - Hats - Sun block
♦  Large Plastic storage bags if you want to take your fish home
    (we will clean the fish at the dock for you)
♦  For boat events - - If anyone in the family is prone to motion sickness (seasick), check with your doctor on the appropriate measures or medications to take before going on a boat.
♦  We will have snack food and beverages available for the boat plus a fully catered lunch, but if your child is on a special or restricted diet, please bring whatever food they will need for the day with you. Snacks or drinks should be in unbreakable containers (no glass, please).

Please see the EVENTS page for registration information for each event.

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Wish-A-Fish Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.