Ocean City, MD
Sponsored by Ocean City Marlin Club / Kids Classic Tournament
Event Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018

Unfortunately, we're being forced by Mother Nature to cancel this year's event in Ocean City. It was bound to happen sooner, or later... for 13 years we've been blessed with fish-able days. Tomorrow's forecast is calling for ENE winds at 25+ (gusting to almost 40), and a 100% chance of rain... DEFINITELY not fish-able!

The event WILL NOT be rescheduled, but be certain, we WILL be back in 2019!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  me.

To register for this event or if you have
any questions, please call:
Frank Goodhart
Ocean City Event Coordinator
phone: 717-626-5841
or 717-368-5351
or email the Ocean City Event committee:
Email Us !
Family Information:

This year, the Ocean City event will be using 5 local Charter headboats for our event:
  Judith M
  Calico Jack
  Bay Bee
  Miss Ocean City
We will fish and see the sights around the Ocean City area.

Items Families should bring to Wish-A-Fish Events:
Wear soft tennis shoes or deck shoes and weather appropriate clothing - (open toe sandals / flipflops are not recommended)

Bring your Camera for lots of good pictures!

Sunglasses - Hats - Sun block

Large Plastic storage bags if you want to take your fish home
(we will clean the fish at the dock for you)

If anyone in the family is prone to motion sickness (seasick), check with your doctor on the appropriate measures or medications to take before going on a boat

We will have snack food and beverages available for the boat plus an after fishing picnic, but if your child is on a special or restricted diet, please bring whatever food they will need for the day with you. Snacks or drinks should be in unbreakable containers (no glass, please)

OceanCity Map

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Wish-A-Fish Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.